Allie Garland

Marketing Director

With a passion for both sports and communication, Allie Garland brings a unique blend of skills and creativity to her role as Marketing Director at The Garland Financial Group. After a successful collegiate volleyball career at the University of Connecticut, where she also studied Communications, Allie took her talents overseas before returning home to Texas.

Now, residing back in League City, Allie is fully immersed in her role at the company, constantly brainstorming and implementing innovative marketing strategies to engage both our team and our clients. Her proactive and forward-thinking approach has greatly contributed to the success and growth of The Garland Financial Group.

Allie enjoys spending quality time with her loved ones, soaking up the sun, and exploring all that League City has to offer. With her positive attitude and dedication to the company, Allie is looking forward to making a lasting impact and helping The Garland Financial Group continue to thrive in the years to come.

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